DIY Lego Dreidel Kit: the “square”

diy lego dreidel kit
The more LEGO dreidels in the world the better…
The intersection of LEGO and Jewish holidays is always fun. Especially, if the constructions do stuff, like spin.

This kit is meant to get you started, to kick off a frenzy of dreidel-building exploration with whatever LEGO parts you might have on hand. The act of building a LEGO dreidel is chock full o’ educational benefits. Some elements to consider: you’ve got to have four balanced sides; a low center of gravity; a minimum of friction; a smooth, wide contact point and a design that doesn’t fling itself to bits when it bashes into another dreidel. Figuring all this out with your kid is more than half the fun.

Building a dreidel is builds other stuff, too, like enthusiasm for the holiday and a deeper appreciation of those four important letters and what they stand for. The letters on a homemade dreidel need to be arranged in the correct order going right to left. Nun, gimmel, hey, shin – are the abbreviation (an initialism, actually, if you want to get all nerdy) of “nes gadol hayah shom: a great miracle happened there”. So, a shin will never be adjacent to to a gimmel, for example.

diy lego dreidel kit

diy lego dreidel kit

Parts List:

1 1×1 round brick (stud) #3062a or b
1 2×2 plate #3022
2 2×4 bricks #3001
1 4×4 plate #3031
1 2×2 brick #3003
1 2×2 rounded plate “boat stud” #2654
(may substitute 1×1 plate/pip #4073)

Ideas for adding letters:
  • Wrap dreidel in tape and write letters in tape.
  • Write letters on Avery 1/2″ dot stickers and place on sides of dreidel.
  • Use aleph-bet rubber stamps on Avery stickers
  • Write letters directly on LEGO bricks with a Sharpie. (rubbing alcohol removes mistakes)
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